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Lemon Coconut Bites | Vegan - 16 Packs of 2 Bites

Lemon Coconut Bites are a delicious vegan treat that everyone will love!

Ingredient List (*organic) *quick oats, *raisins, *dried unsweetened coconut, *ground flax seeds,  *coconut oil, *agave syrup, *lemon extract, *turmeric and sea salt.

Each package contains 2 - 30g bites.

This product may contain wheat, peanut, soy and/or tree nuts. Warning; dried coconut may contain shell or pit fragments.

We are happy to offer compostable packaging as an option but only through the website and by request, there will be no labels on the packaging you will have to refer to the website for your info, this is our way of helping our planet. ALSO we will be using compostable packaging with all orders through Cow-Op automatically. It will not be offered in retail stores.

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